Whenever I Can

I enjoy helping others. If there is something I can do at whatever cost to myself I have always done it. I have recently been trying to remedy this situation focusing more on myself. In my head I consider this to be selfish but others keep telling me that its not. So although I do still do whatever I can for others I am progressing to say no to minimise the mudslide that would ensue upon my own life.

Xeno Xeno
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4 Responses Aug 21, 2007

I love burgers too!!! an occasional hot dog is ok but I can't have more than 2 or else i get a tummy ache. Funny how the tummy works isn't it? All of this acid and chemical reactions that eventually just move things around so the body can use it and discard the rest. Speaking of rest I have to be up in 4 hours so i'm gonna go get some sleep :)

Why yes, yes I do hahaha... I tend to write whatever comes to mind, and... i love burgers :D

lol! well it made perfect sense to me my mind works like that too... you have add also? hehe

I hear ya xeno. I do the same thing. I go way out of my way to help peeps or to make sure they know they're loved and always on my mind if they are. I believe it's the though that counts. My problem is I'll do it for a while... and then I realize I dont get it back and I get really depressed and think I'm such a fool. Then i do it again! it's vicious cycle. <br />
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I dont think you're being selfish at all to focus on yourself. I wish I could do it, but then I feel like it's selfish lol. But in reality it's not. We should always put ourselves first... but it's so hard. I think it would be nice if other peeps put us first and helped us... I'm not talking about when we ask for help, but more thoughtful things... things that dont take more than a minute.<br />
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What I've just said is all over the place and is probably of no use to anyone, but oh well, that's how my mind works...