I Have a Big Problem Saying Th...

I have a big problem saying the word no.  And most of the people around me won't take no for an answer.  So it seems like most of the time I'm coersed into saying yes anyway.  I think I have difficulty saying no because I want to seem like a friendly and helpful person.  If I'm always telling people, "Oh I'm happy to help." or "It's not a problem" then it's more difficult for people to bad mouth me.  And it's so hilarious for a person that says they don't care what anyone thinks about them to act in such a manner.
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And if your self is as persnickety as mine is - even that can be a full-time occupation!

"Garden Party" by Ricky Nelson<br />
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"It's all right, I've learned my lesson well...you can't please everyone so ya got ta please your self"

Hmmm... minus El, I would just like to ask everyone in here to donate a $1000.00 to ME! ;)

I was such a people pleaser that it was impossible for me to say no. I was a chameleon, changing identities to suit the needs of others, and losing myself in the process. In time I have become better at knowing my limits - and priorities - and I'm better at saying No. What I've found - to my amazement - is that people respect you more when you do. Also, when you're clear about what you're willing - and not willing - to do, it makes life easier for them, and you.

I know what you mean, lol.