Today With Per

My week at the culture centre is augmented with private tuition/classes, at home or at the client's home. This evening, I had Per here for his tantra class, between 16:00 and 16:55.

Per (I won't add his family name) is over fifty. He is working on his weight and fitness, he has blood pressure problems, and because of the tablets he's on he has erectile disfunction. His class with me is to reach into his energies to release the torpor of chemical interruption in his sexual function. He values these theraapies, and the additional yoga we perform.

To assist him, we work together naked, and he is appreciative of the openness with which we discuss, work and relax exercise. I have advised he continue with me after the ten classes (which are almost finished now). The course of ten classes was discounted for him, and the additional classes can be arranged and paid for in tens if he wishes.
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I've developed this curiosity in Tantra off late. Can u be of help ?

Interesting. I've never heard of a teacher like you.