Giving Sensual Massage - The Right Way

Just wanted to share some thoughts on massages in general and sensual full body massages in particular.


Reading a comment that she purrs like a cat is an understatement.  A full body sensual massage will make a woman feel like a Princess, pampered all over and reaching heights never reached before.


When given with passion, a sensual massage can be the best experience in life.  I keep referring to a particular site specialising on such sensual massages.

Go through it slowly, real slowly and notice how passion makes all the difference.

Enjoy :)

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8 Responses Jan 6, 2010

The website didn't work for me. It went to an ad for business cards

What's the difference between a sensual massage and a tantric massage

Do you give sensual massage? I love getting them. I am slowly searching for the right masseur who will give me a massage just like this... Mmmm...

I'm in Los Angeles... you?


Exactly!!!<br />
The ultimate massage.

Exactly!!!<br />
The ultimate massage.

Fantastic site... beautiful music... and very informative