My Profession

I work as a massage therapist providing happy ending relief.

I thought i may as well describe my massage service in small detail as friends on EP keep asking me how i do a massage service.

Well here is my normal massage routine for guys:

Let start with us getting undressed.

I get you to lie down on the massage table. No draping as it is a waste of time.

I pour some warm oil all over your back and butt, and begin to give you long flowing strokes.

I get your legs and spread them wide as i massage the inside of your thighs ensuring I brush you balls with each stroke and occasional rub my oily finger up you butt hole.

I thing cup your bals and begin to massage them gently.

I get you to kneel up so I can gently milk your **** and rub you butt hole and balls with my other hand. If you are clean and minimal hair I may even decide to tongue your *** as I milk your ****.

It is time to turn around and lie on your back.
I stand next to the table so your hand can touch my *** and *****.

I spread you legs again and begin to massage you stomach and down to your legs just brushing your now raging hard **** with back of my hand.

Time for me to get on the table and and sit on you cowgirl style so I have access to your **** and you can have assess to my wet ***** which also needs some attention

I have my *** next to your face so I allow you to suck and lick my ***** as I begin to give you **** long slow strokes and play with your balls and butt hole.

oops some pre *** I can see, so I lean down and clean this off with my tongue.

Suck my ***** will you, I am wet and need it 

I can feel you **** so hard in my hands a decide to lower my mouth and take your gorgeous **** in mt mouth and begin to suck it

Now i can feel you **** real hard so so I decide you give you my famous ***** massage.

I slide myself down you body and you can feel my wet ***** juices all over your chest and stomach.

I then place your **** between my ***** lips and begin to massage you **** with my ***** lips and I place a finger and massage your butt hole.

I keep rubbing your **** with my ***** lips (no penetration just a slow movement up and down until you come all over my ***** )

For some special clients the following will also apply:

While my ***** is massaging your ****, I am so wet and horny I   decided **** it!!!! I need an ****** so I get your ****  put it into my ***** and start to ride your bareback.

I now squat so I can really **** you hard and squeeze you **** with my tight ***** muscles.

I can feel you **** so hard in me and with one almighty upward movement I can feel it explode in my *****.

I Take you **** out and begin to clean it up with my mouth, giving it a good suck clean, licking your pee hole to ensure I clean it all up.

My Massage Service for all who have asked Hope you like.
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22 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I would be a client every payday with that kind of service.

where do i sign up??

Very hot! Wish I could get this kind of massage in the US.

If I was in your area, I would be getting massages from you all the time! I would really enjoy your session that is for sure!

I have been to oriental messages but they did not do it like that, yours sounds better

please read my story - manhood therapy. would like you to try something like that.

though it seems to be more of a sexual adventure, still i would love to have one of this sensual massage from you. please tell me how can i get one from you.

Wow, thank you, 2vanessa! I see that I would be very happy with your treatment. But, tell me, how do you handle guys like me who often need to *** a couple of times before we are completely drained released?

I wish I could visit your massage emporium

I had one one time and it was the best ever!!! I want another one real bad. I am not sure where to find one here in this small community.. Is there a way to ask?

I need a massage after reading this!

278 views and ONLY 48 responses????? This is so VERY sexy........ THANK YOU !

Now that is very sensual!

By reading your story the only think I would like is having a massage of you. But I know this is impossible. So I will do it with a fantasy. And try to not touch myself till this evening. If I can.

After reading this story. There is no other way.

That sounds awesome!

making me want to go for a massage.

i would love to get a massage from you :)

I'm just back from a trip in Malaysia for my work where I asked for a massage in my hotel room.
I insisted that there be no sex or hand job finish,so the Chinese woman,44, set about me with her skillful hands,an hour and a half later I was charged up and ready to run 10 miles.Her secret was an amazing testicle massage to reinstall my lost energy,the way she firmly rubbed and manipulated my scrotum,without touching my **** was incredible,I felt the energy surging back into my body.....I can tell you that the Chinese have ways and techniques that are totally mind-blowing,especially the woman that served me through my testicles and scrotum.......and it was my first ever massage like this!!!!

Offer an energy booster to your clients and you'll be even more popular!

If you can find one that is a real client that accepts your gifts,and to be finished is not a finality,there's more energy when you can apply the full technique!
But I'd love to be able to have one of your sessions,with or without the finishing touch!

I like to give Daddy massages but I think you gave me an idea or 2. Thanks :)

Damn I'm ready for a massage. I love it you are so good at your work . I think I would spend all of my money on massages with you .I beleave I would want one each day. would love you rubbing your awesome ***** lips in my face and tasting your sweet ***** juice for starters , and love all the rest you do.

<p>Uh hum. . . Wouldn't want to sound ungratefull and it does sound good, but there are times i just want to be lazy and lie there and get lost in the massage and hope you can read my body reactions and take me to the edge and just let me simmer there for a while as you resume a more conventional massage, having done this a few times please tell me when the teasing is over and i will do my best not to *** but when i do go over the edge i will not hold back any more and you will get the reaction you say you like so much to see. My hips bucking and my **** twitches as each jet of my ***** shoots into the air, my eyes squint, my face contorts and grunts from my throat stammer their approval, not all my ***** is air bourne and some just floods out of me and runs back down the side of my **** and coats your fingers as you coax the last few spasms from a delerious, gratefull and quivering happy man.</P><br />

Oh, ok then, if i must. lol you are cute :) How come you "fan" me i thought from your profile we had to fan you first ?

I need to make a plan to get down under to experience this great massage!!!