Charity Begins (saved My First Creature , The List Begins .. I Hope Its Ends Up To Be A Long One )

was walking home and i saw this pup limping and hurt , from behind comes his mother , with a dirty look in her eyes . she bites on to the pup , from behind another dog grabs hold from the front and they both pull as if to tear the pup apart . i am stunned , want to do some thing to help but stunned . a guy throws a brick at the dog and the pup is set free , it limps under a parked  car . i have a feeling that if i don't take the pup home he's going to die , that he will be crushed by the car when it reverses .   i go home , cant sit ... decide to bring the pup home , when i reach the spot the pup is struggling to stay alive , the car had just trampled him . i arrived too late .

all past attempts to be ignored

30 november 2012  THE PIGEON
THE PIGEON  i rescued flew away , found it injured starved hopping around it a park . picked it up feed it and he/she recovered ( also to be credited raman gumman & the the pigeon trainer )

14 dec 2012 PARALYZED DOG
found a dog paralyzed dog laying by the road side , shivering and howling in pain. looked as if it couldnt move was hit by some vehicle or some thing but had no visible injuries  . i stopped by to buy him some biscuits , he didnt eat any . i had no money in my pocket and the bank was closed . so i planned to go home bring my car and then take him home , but unfortunately there was no gas in the car too . just about empty . second thing i needed was a **** to put on the dog so that he wouldnt bite . so plan was buy a **** , borrow money come at night and hopefully the dog will be still alive to be rescued .
i reached were the dog was at 9 pm , with the money and the **** but strangely the dog wasnt there . hopefully it got up some how and is safe , or maybe he died and his body was disposed off .

i should have taken the risk and taken him home without the **** or the car . next time i will

19 dec 2012 THE DYING PUP

found a puppy in the middle of the road who had been crushed under a car , his skull appeared broken was moving his legs frantically . the mother and the other pups were also on the road and in dangher . i picked the pup up and took him to the road side , as soon as i picked him up by the legs he lost his life . the mother licked him and the rest of the puppies were not on the road any more .

i did what i could , and the other pups were safe for the time being since i removed them from the road .

20 march, 2013 A PUP SAVES A PUP

was traveling back to my home town , saw a a tiny thing slowly crawling across the road , but couldnt make out what it was , because of the strange shape . as i came closer i saw a pup drag another pup who had been crushed under a car , off the road . dont know if it dragging it as food or it was trying to save the pup but the sight certainly was disturbing . looks like i am doing more of watching , less of acting , i need to wake up and act more .

9th may 2013 , A PIGEON
was out to another city chandigarh , saw a pigeon that couldn't fly . people would pass it by real close and it wont fly , a few took notice of him but none helped . i was carrying with me a small nylon bag with a book in it . i took the book's out and decided to take the pigeon home , as i came closer  unfortunately it ran into the ladies bathroom . i was left with no choice but to enter the bathroom which i did , i put the pigeon in the nylon bag and brought it out . fortunately the bathroom was empty  . then i caught a buss , traveled 30 miles , with the pigeon in the in the bag . the bird is at home with me ,  lets see if it  can fly again .
unfortunately , the pigeon trainer who helped out last time  is no longer available ... so this time ill be doing things my self .

                           REHAB - kept the pigeon at home , it started flying on the second day . the initial plan was to keep the bird for about 30 days till it gathered full    strength but on 17th may the pigeon escaped the confinement . fortunately he was capable of flying by then and unfortunately i wasn't there to  see it fly away .

( things to be noted , life tests you and communicates )
1. like the pigeon i saved earlier ... this one met me during at a time when i was praying/meditating more . also it met me when i myself was in trouble , just like last time . 
2.the pigeon entered the ladies bathroom .... which was the only place i couldn't rescue it but i did ;) . failure occurs , only when we take a step backwards .
feels good that life and god is letting me be his/its hand in doing good , i will always go the extra mile to get things done .

 3. the pigeon escaped , because i was disorganized and careless , need to improve on that .
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I am an animal lover too. I seem to attract strays on my ranch and I end up taking care of them and taking them to shelters so they can be adopted. What I can I say. I am a big softie.

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.
~ Emily Dickinson

wow these stories are wonderful and so exciting! :)
i still regret a day when i couldnt save a lil kitty that was standing by the street side and trying to pass it! I came a step forward and a step back and ,,you wont believe me! But it was looking at me like if asking for help! I was just looking amazingly at it, and when came about helping it, it ran into the street and was hit there!
I really hate this memory! I felt guilty for days!!

its not your fault but you have to take the responsibility . set your self in a position mentally and financially to be able to help out . sooner or later every one takes a step , the point is to not hesitate and take it the earliest possible .