Whenever I Can

I try to donate to our local animal shelters as much as I can. I got both of my cats from the one closest to me and I donate to that one and the Cleveland APL.

I have a friend who has a fundraising "dog party" every year. It's billed as a birthday party, but she's been doing it for over 20 years. She sends out close to 500 "invitations" and pays for everything herself. There is no entry fee or cost for food...it's an open bar and eat all you want dinner. The only thing she asks for is for the guests to donate to the APL or another animal organization of their choosing.  The sad thing is that even though there are usually over 300 guests, she only raises about $3,000.  I donate my time to her and handle the mailing list as well as donate to the cause.

I get so angry when some of the guests complain because they didn't win a door prize or they complain because there weren't enough pretzels or nuts on their table...I mean, come on...it's not like they had to pay anything. And, because I also keep track of the donations for her, I know that some of the complainers don't even give a dollar to the cause. How sad is that.


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Thank you...so many of us do not. Hugs, LW