You Ask Me For The Truth But When It Is Given You Get Offended Or Go Into Denial

When people are going through in life and ask you for the truth, but when you give them truth or give them your view they get offended. what is up with people like that who ask you to give them truth about a situation that they are in and then goes into a offensive syndrome and denial syndrome? this is some of the things that they say when they go into offensive syndrome: So what you trying to say? are you calling me a...? have you ever experienced what I am going through? or how about the denial syndrome, she only cheated on me once.

People like this has deep inner issues and instead they seek advice or truth about their outside situation only, when they need to seek the truth about what is going on in the inside of them and why they continue to position themselves in situations that repeat over and over again. If a person is emotionally broken, their problem will never have a solution until they see the truth in themselves, until they are made whole, until they rid of their own baggage. That is the truth! So those who desire to be affirmed, validated in their misery, their bad situation. please don't come to me for the truth if you dont want the truth. The truth only will set you free.
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3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

It is so true..

Sadly this is true. Too often all that many want is to have their own feelings confirmed. I generally save the "truth" for those I am close to. For everyone else I am polite, but avoid saying anything.

good one :)