Oh Sigh...

It just seems like over the last 6 months or so the guys I have met fall into one of two categories.

#1 The guy you hit it of with fabulously...only to have him disappear 2 weeks later.

#2 The guy who is so desperate to be with someone you could treat him how ever you want and he'd take it.

I there NO middle ground????  

I seriously just don't get it... and to be perfectly honest... I'm sick of trying.  Where are the normal people???????

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You have to kinda see it from the guy's point of view too. I would fit in the second category, except I'm not too desperate (I AM ugly though, so....). If a guy deals with enough rejection, he may become desperate, but if he does find someone, he'll think that it was a fluke and just completely shut off on you. Thus the whole "doormat" thing comes into play.

It's really difficult to find a normal guy because a lot of the more good-looking and successful ones KNOW they're successful, and end up mistreating women because they know they can get away with it. The normal every-day guy is usually the one who takes the most crap from women who have dated the so-called "bad boys" before. They're the ones that get yelled at and treated like crap when really, the guys who mistreated them should be the ones to get treated that way. These guys are likely to either end up giving up or settling, or by a fluke they can find somebody that doesn't feel like shoving crap down their throat.

And then you get to the guys like me who won't even get a simple greeting from a girl, no matter what they do, so they have to be really, really desperate to find anyone. It's mostly the opposite of what the normal guy goes through, except this type of guy can end up being kicked around and treated like crap just because they're not like other guys. This leads to bitterness if they eventually do find someone.

I have dated both types of guys.<br />
I thought I was making a mistake by dating guys I was attracted to because they all ended leaving me and/or total jerks.<br />
<br />
So I went after guys who were ugly and desperate. And they ended up rejecting me as soon as I started feeling comfortable and sort of in love.<br />
<br />
I then decided not to look for it anymore. And that doesn't mean I am 'open' to the idea of finding a guy either. I have tried not 'looking for it' but being open to a guy (because people believe it happens when you don't look for it). Well, those experiences have led to rejection too.<br />
<br />
I am so done with rejection, I don't want to marry or get involved ever again. If I have this much trouble with dating, how much more trouble will I have if I was to get married? Dealing with cheating? Divorce? Emotional coldness?

i give up too :( well, just hope that the next guy will be worth it all, they will just come by.

shilah you can't give up

I give up on love too. : > { <br />

(Jumping up and down) Hello!!! Me!! Me!!! I'm awesome!!! =)


don't give up