12 Steps To Quitting Romantic Love - The Development Stage

As I get older and wiser(I hope) through this life it becomes more and more obvious to me that the life I was hoping for 10years ago is not the life I am destine to have.
Don't get me wrong in my teens and early 20's I wanted to be successful, make good money, afford the nicer things and be independent which I have achieved. But in my mid to late 20s my focus changed I wanted to start a family so that I could share the love I felt inside with a child. It seems achievable I had the husband and the house and the good job. But my partner didnt see things the way I did. Ultimately it has lead me to the present day; divorced, in my mid 30's & living alone with a dog and a cat and not interested in going through the termouile of having my heart and soul ripped from my chest again.

It's not really that I'm giving up on love, since I love my family, friends and yes my furry children, it's that I'm giving up on "love". This fantasy idea that Hollywood has for year portraid as necessary in order to be a whole and complete person, aka romantic love.

Romantic love, to me, is like a drug; crack, marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. which mean you have to treat it like an addiction.
So that is my challenge (and maybe yours too) how to quit romantic love cold turkey and start those quinticential 12 steps to recovery.

I'm hoping this challenge will not only prove to be successful, insightful and eye opening but also be a positive way to help others. What do you think the 12 steps to recovery for this type of addiction should be?

Tigras Tigras
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Step 1: Realize it's not your fault for not being able to find true love. Society has messed itself up so unbelievably now, that it trashes love and glorified hedonism even if it means squashing an innocent person's feelings all the while. Realize that you are not flawed, or unlovable, or ugly, or any of that stuff. People are way too obsessed with "freedom", "individuality", and "having fun" that they think love with someone special will just get in their way. Feel good about yourself again... Feel good knowing that you are one of the few good people on Earth who have the courage to at least tried to find that love that most others are so against by. Feel good knowing, you did what you could.