I feel like I have been searching for love my entire life and now the search is over as I feel it does not exsist for me. I have been in a few serious relationships; the first one we had three children together. Our relationship was never good, fought often, he was abusive and he said he did not believe in marriage. Of course not until 2 years after we parted. The relationship after that was with a man that basically just used me for everything and left as soon as something better came along. I have dated a lot and finally found someone I truly connected with on various levels. He made me feel ways that I never have before and for the first time ever I felt like my search was over. But unfortunately he is quite cynical and can not commit, therefore that relationship ended as well. Since then all my efforts come up empty. I just can't do it anymore.
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Figure out what that guy needs to relax and start to commit step by small step. Don't give up on him yet.

Travel ,and enjoy life

Find a man to have a child with , focus on your children they are the real love. Focus on your career .

No such thing as love ......

Ladies don't waste you times with guys, I am 33 this year ,been searching , none .

No such thing as love . It's does not exist at all. If you look all you will find is selfish people. Men are entire selfish human being on earth.

Finding love is not some easy task to where you just meets the man of your dreams and everything is perfect, you have to WORK at it they are a lot of work, and its not finding the perfect guy its about finding the perfect guy for you, he is probably lurking right in front of you but your to busy trying to "find" love that you cant see it.... <#

But that's just it. I found the man perfect for me, I didn't really seeit coming and he is not the type of guy I would usually date. But we connected like no other and I have feelings for him that I have never had for someone else. We both started to feel it, the difference is he pulled away and I wanted to go forward.