Always The Matchmaker Never The Match.

Ever since I was in middle school, I have noticed a pattern. Ever since 8th grade (I am going to be a senior in high school this coming August) every guy I have ever liked has liked my pretty best friend.  I will always be the guys best friend and he will tell me how he’s so in love with my best friend. I will always set aside my feelings and set the pair up and while they are smiling and happy, once again little old me is crying in the corner but no one ever sees me.  And I am NOT being a overdramatic teen when I say every guy I have liked has liked my best friend.

Trey dated my friend Mel and then later on liked my friend Katie. I set up him and Katie.
Keith used me to find out if my friend Taylor R. liked him and then dumped me when he saw that she was jealous. (my first and only boyfriend)
Malcolm asked me not even twenty-four hours after Keith dumped me and I was so hurt I asked him to wait for me….he did for two weeks and then he started dating my friend Mel.
Bryan dated Taylor and then Mel. He was a really good friend and always said hanging out with me was like having a best friend who actually understood girls unlike his other friend Anthony but he chose them over me. I set him up with both of them.

And now my best friend Taylor is dating my best friend Andrea, a pair which I once again matched maked after he told me he liked her; meanwhile the fact I was planning to break the cycle this time and tell the him my feelings during spectrum which was ony a few days away. The day they started dating, taylor and I started fighting. I was so angry that it happened again that I unleashed my anger out on him. For two weeks we fought every time we saw eachother and it destoried andrea on the inside. She didnt' want to have to choose between her best friend and her boyfriend and we were heading in that direction. When I saw how much pain she was in, on their two week anversity I called a truce with Taylor. The only problem is that after so much fighting he truelly thought I was a cruel person and continuted to be evil to me despite the fact I was on my best behavior. She discovered I liked him soon after the truce and tried to stare my feelings but they still act cute and kiss in front of me which broke my heart. She's always says sorry like 600 times afterwards but I want her to be happy even if I'm not.  

Taylor discovered the truth and for three hours we stayied up and texted eachother. He told me why it would never work between us, why he loved andrea and how there has to be someone out there for me but it just wasn't him and never would be. In other words I cried for four hours.

Now our whole relationship has changed. I can't get over him cause I am always talking to him........he's too nice andt too sweet and too.....just awesome that telling me to simply get over him isn't really fair. The worst part is that to him I am no longer his best friend he complains about everything to or stayied up to midnight/one texting, I am a friend who he’s afraid to hurt so he no longer tells me anything about him and Andrea. I downplayied my own feelings to set those two up months ago and now they are walking on eggshells trying not to hurt my feelings.

They didn't tell me they were going on a date, they went to eclipse without me,  they ignored me all throughout fourth of july and I'm sick of crying. I can only cry myself to sleep so many times until I just run out of tears.........that and the salt from my tears is giving me a rash around my eyes and making me look worst than normal. Andrea and Taylor just want me to be happy with someone so they can stop feeling guilty, I just know it. I just want to give up. I should just stay single until my college years when I honestly don’t care anymore/my standards are as low as dirt. I am tried of guys breaking my heart and not even realizing that they’re doing it.

My name is Lori.
I am 16 years old.
I have given up on men.

Well not fullly yet. Cause even though he's dating my best friend I still like my best friend's boyfriend and my heart is ruining our friendship.........sometimes I wish I could just stop feeling.....just become numb so I could still have andrea. I will never forgive myself if I lose her cause of Taylor. I have never cared too much about boys, my heart would eventually heal if Taylor were to just disappear but it wouldn't if I lost andrea over this. She's my best friend and because of my stupid heart I may just lose her
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guys are as unreliable as we are in school. Wait till after the college age types and then find a guy that is a little older and he will know more of what he wants. Guys can be immature until over the age of 25. You think you know what you want but you don't yet, give it some time and just have fun with them till then.

i am sorry you go threw this i went threw the same thing when i was your age and it sucks

o yes you watch everybody else kissing holding hands you just sit and watch the action but never a part of it

o yes i have had this happen to a million times i totally get it

o yes i feel this way to

thank you anyone who reads this and actually comments

Peasentpedro thank you for the advice but you got to know two things about me. <br />
<br />
1. I am an overachiever aka I strive to do my best so I can get some attention.<br />
2. I have an extremely low self esstem which means I never believe I deserve any attention.<br />
<br />
Bot those things along with this situation just never equal anything good...........I am used to being consider second best after years of being so but at the same time......<br />
<br />
I just want someone to notice me for once. I mean just one nice word from someone other than a friend or someone who feels like they have to would be nice.<br />
<br />
Just once, I want a guy to notice me and not the people I surround myself with.........and yes andrea is an amazing friend.....I really don't deserve her

Aliloveless, it's not like my friends ever knew I liked their boyfriends, infact Andrea and Taylor are the only ones to figure it out because I was acting like a jealous ***** whenever I was around them. And it's not like I really want a boyfriend, it's just I am sick and tired of being seen as second best when it comes to my friends. I am giving up on guys because quite honsetly I am sick of being hurt and you can only win second place so many times before it really does start to hurt.

I'm almost 21 and I've never went out with anyone. I don't think it's a big deal. I would honestly keep the "good" single friends in your life, not the ones who steal your crushes. So, keep the guys out of the picture. Most of them don't have your best interests in mind and aren't worth crying for. Trust me. It took a long time to see that for myself.