i always watchv eryone esle in love have love be loved me nothing . i will never have love why because men suck men are **** to me they awlays give the other female the chance and not me men suck . i am always on the side lines always on the outside looking in
kevin5678 kevin5678
2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Don't give up on men. They are silly little creatures. It's obvious if you are a woman they need some commanding in one way or another. Besides sex, what could you use them for anyway lol.

I feel your pain there....but eventhough it's hard, very very very hard....I try not to give up on love or men. I have felt love once, but it was very complicated, and I hope to find and have love again one day....hopefully soon. Until then I try o soooooo very hard to keep my chin up and move forward, but there are some days that I fall backwards, and this was one of those wks. Don't give up :)