I Give Up On Men......sometimes :)

Some days, yes I give up on men. Other days, no I don't. If I gave up on men then that would only leave women, and eventhough that would make a lot of men and some women happy, it's not for me...lol. Anyway, I have made some very good male friends over the years and have learned a lot men in general. I know that these male friends of mine all "love" me in their own ways, but soemtimes I think I am just entertainment to them. To them, they enjoy that I'm in their lives, but if I was gone that would be ok too, because to them I'm still a friend of theirs and one day we may find each other again and that would be great. Once you are out of their lives they almost forget about you.....not totally but you get put in a closet for safe keeping. They take you out from time to time because something happened that they remembered you, but until such time you are put away. I forget that they are like this, they mean no harm, it's just the way that they are. Deep down they love me. Deep down they care. Deep down they will protect you if they feel that they need to. Deep down they don't mean to cheat but they really couldn't help themselves....I mean really, we women can be very persistant on the issue and break down their thin walls of restraint. Deep down if they have claimed you as a friend or a lover they are yours forever unless you change their mind. Yes, there are days I give up on men....as friends and as lovers, but then I remember that I really do love them and that they will except me back when I get over myself.....now really women, do we let people back in our lives as easily, usually not. We just have to train our men better, and figure out where we are in their lives also. Men really are simple creators, we women make things much more complicated than they should be. Yes, I give up on men. In fact I did earlier in the week. I cried, I whined and then I gave one of my male friends a hug and remembered that even if they are just my friends I love men because even just as a friend I know they love me in their own ways....(the pervs that they are :) They make life interesting, but so do we. I say all of this today and tomorrow I may be saying I give up on men again, but I know in a few days I'll be saying I love men again. It is a simple yet complicated life we live. All I can say is keep your minds, eye and hearts open. What you know today may not work for tomorrow and change is good even if it doesn't feel like it is. I give up on men......sometimes :)
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I'll nevrr give up on men. I only need one man though.

I only need one woman... but the hunt is difficult. LOL


the difference between men and women is a lot of trial, isn't it? It's one of the things that hold me back from really pursuing a relationship. They are hard work. I hope you find what you need in your life

I totally undertsand that...I've worked with men side by side being the only female with them for yrs. I know more about them then they realize. That's why I say I know they love me in their own ways. They each have wives or GF and I'm the female that's one of the guys. I have seen them upset, they actually let me see that from time to time. They have seen me upset and they get pissed because I'm upset....1 because they want to help and 2 because I shouldn't show my feelings because I'm one of them. Sometimes we all get confused about things. I've told them a few times....get over it, I'm a woman and I'm supposed to have emotions, it's part of me and it's wrong for me not to show them. The thing is over time and my past experiences with life, I've become rather harsh and cold about life like you. <br />
Yes there are some very rude people out there, male and female, and I know I try not to be that way, but sometimes it is just rather hard because of the things I've gone threw.

..........not all men act like that. Get some gay friends, and not to be mean. But women do the same thing sometimes. Ive met lots of women who toy with men and throw them away and go about their life like they were never anything. Men and women in general can act the way you describe. It is a self defence mechanism in them that they use to protect themselves. Growing up i was very open and was hated for everyone just because i was the friendly boy who gave flowers to my friends are just wanted to be friends with everyone. They were disgusted in my existence. I tried to stop with flowers and just wanted to be around them. But they used me as a way of being made fun of to become popular with the other guys or girls. The reasont hey did this was for their own personal gain. They knew it was wrong but did it anyway. They broke my heart and in return i became cold hearted. I never opened up to people, never cared about them. When someone tried to be my friends i pushed them away. I call them friends but its not like i want to treat them the way you want to be treated. I in myelf have no intention of hurting others feelings but i do it all the time.<br />
The reason im the way i am isnt because im selfish but because i know how harsh life can get.<br />
Most guys are like that, because showing emotions is considered a weakness in men. So they keep to themselves to prevent being hurt. Its all about their self protection. Not meant to hurt you.