I Don't Hate Men

I hate the choices i make bout them. I pick badly, chase the worst ones and run if a decent one gets past my decent guy repellent tactics. They (men) split my focus, monopolize my time & devour my energy. I have a really tough time ahead, i don't know if i can turn it around. As usual a complicated (we hadn't got as far as bad) man was on scene. Usually id let problems with him become my focus, but i think actually i use that as excuse to run/hide from the real issues. Well not this time. I've ended that so i can sort my life out and put energy, time and effort in right place. If the most perfect soul mate turned up tomorrow, he'd have to wait! So yes, i hope one day to give up giving up men, but not for a long time. Im in it alone now. Wish me luck
caracared caracared
41-45, F
Sep 19, 2012