I Give Up

I thought I could do it. But I'm just a loser. I tried. And I tried. I had to do an admissions project for the Fashion Institute of Technology and I ****** it up. All I had to do was design three windows based on world travel and I ****** it up. They are ruined and they look like crap. I was so dumb to think I could do anything right. Now I can go to the portfolio review on Saturday and be laughed right out of the room. I hope I'm done hoping for things about myself. I know I'm dumb. What the **** is wrong with me to continue thinking that I'm going to do something right. I should have killed myself when I said I was going to . What a waste of a human life on me.

fuglywuggly fuglywuggly
1 Response Mar 11, 2010

"admissions project" means everyone gets evaluated. why dont you try again so your happier with it. and dont try to be a perfectionist- this is art. no one will laugh. and if u still cant do it its only a window drawing. . i dont know what kind of designs you're supposed to be doing but think about different shapes, different textures, different fabrics, different colours (maybe think about where you'd want these windows to be). it doesn't need to be obviously a window thats in like a shack in china or france in the 17th century. so play around with stuff a bit. if you still cant get it right, you can always tell them you're not satisfied with it but these were all your ideas and (elsewhere) your techniques and you would like to go to the institute to LEarn more. good luck :)