It All Better.

I am sick of trying for everybody to be perfect everyday I starve to make my dad happy and pretend like school is my goal in life... I wear cloths that flatter and hide me for my mom and I act like a really bad person to push out anybody who won't accept me honestly I remember once when I starved myself so much I threw up alot at night and I just kept trying ... now I'm "fat" (but not overweight) I am not a 5 pound teenager and I still try to fit in with society and their veiw of perfection... It kills people and Danm it'll kill me someday ... I'm not even 16 and to fit in with friends I use to smoke and drink (only once and i hated it) I cut myself because of society and I think people should really know that not everybody can be a barbie doll and its funny because barbies aren't perfect either ...the first 7 years of our life we play with barbies the other half we spend trying to look like one.
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Jan 12, 2013