I Gave Up On Trying To Explain Myself Awhile Ago

no one truly understands me and then when they say they do, and say down the road i get into an argument with that person they tell me im a s*ut and etc. I hate how people are so judgemental, and with there assumtions and guesses on my life. I give on trying to make people realize im not a bad person. Yeah i've made mistakes but who hasnt? i just hate those people who feel like there intilted to an opinon on something they know nothing about, for instince my life. No one truly knows me and people just pretend like they do.
thatonegirl25 thatonegirl25
1 Response Jun 21, 2011

I'm sorry about your frustration people can be very hurtful and judgmental. I'm not that way at all but I will leave it up to you to trust me or not. Hope you find some people you can truly trust