I Mean Why?

I never asked big things from life.Just to live peacefully with persons who love me and respect me.I realized that I didn't really have any chance.
Honestly,I give up.I'll continue to function with minimal capacity and focus my mind on something that will not hurt.Maybe it's already too late even for this,but I can't kill myself.It would be too selfish and silly.I'll just give up.
Blass Blass
2 Responses Aug 7, 2011

Do you find your strength within or do you try to find your strength/power by trying to make people feel inferior to you?

my strength comes from the wild brooks hidden deep in Switzerland's mountains

It is just a lame comment and you know it.You know nothing about me.I'm one of the strongest persons who ever came on EP,but I too break sometimes.

you function minimaly so that you do not hurt. Pain is state of mind that you avoid so how strong are you really?

about 70% I guess