But Its Not What You Think

I've decided something about my life. I've decided that i don't need or want the pressure anymore. I have a girlfriend right now and i like her very much but i am sure she wants more than i am now capable of giving and i may never be able to give her or anyone else what she wants. It is the same thing most women want. A man who loves worships and cares about them more than anything else in the world. A guy who will tell them he loves them and that is something i don't think i will ever be able to say again. That level of commitment scares the hell out of me now.

So what i have decided is that once my girlfriend gets tired of me, once she decides to dump me and finds the kind of guy she truly deserves then i will give up on women entirely. From this day forward i will no longer flirt with anyone other than my girlfriend and when she moves on i will not flirt with anyone at all. I don't need the pain, or the pressure of trying to find another girlfriend. I'm not bitter i have a wonderful girlfriend right now and i enjoy spending what little time i can with her but with my job i don't think i can be fair to any woman. With my job any woman would eventually start to feel like a "booty call." I come into town for 2 or 3 days spend maybe one day with her and disappear for 3 weeks. All women deserve better. Especially my girlfriend. She is a great person and she deserves better than me.

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Have you asked your girlfriend if she's happy with you in the relationship?Seem to me like you haven't and are just waiting for the relationship to end and are assuming she is not happy and won't stay with you anyway,by doing this you are taking her for granted ask her how she feels and what she wants in their relationship you can't speek for her you can only speak for yourself.If she tells you she's happy with the relationship take her at her word and embrace it and start enjoying ´╗┐the relationship.You should always give them one you're with a real oppertunity to be with you because If you don't you're being unfair to them and are setting them up for failure .Talk to her and you'll probably get them answers to all your questions.

We all go through a learning process, whether at EP or outside of EP. Don't take things so seriously, going through the stuff you are going through, just means that you are alive.

unfortunately no she can't she has a job and two kids.

i guess i can still talk about music thats about the only other thing i know much about and then only a few bands from the 70's

lol good point rick - most of the innocent conversations usually end up going that way anyway! Maybe we should all learn to behave ourselves a little =D

i'm really starting to limit myself on conversation topics no more sex,politics, or religion LOL

flirting on here has been fun but it has also caused me some pain. there is also the problem of more and more underage girls coming on here. most are honest about their ages (i think) but some are not and this creates the potential for legal ramifications. i do not wish to take those chances.

Rick - don't give up. I know that this is hard for you, and you have been hurt SO bad. I feel for you - and I can understand why you feel that way. Maybe your girlfriend will wait - don't think she won't. Don't see her already walking out that door. <br />
You are a great guy - and your heartache will heal, eventually. You too are a great person and deserve love -- it will come when you are ready. In a lot of ways, I feel like you. It hurts to just think of loving again -- way too much.

Rick, I don't really know what to say - I don't have any advice to offer (though I'm sure you weren't looking for any) and I guess you really just need to do what you think is best for you, especially if you feel that strongly about it.<br />
<br />
I will also say, however, that *you* are a great person too, and you deserve a lot better than you think you do.