i  was in care, and became pregnant. i was railroaded into terminating  then abandoned by the people paid to care for me.i was put out on the street and told to go to a homeless shelter, and i later became addicted to heroin. this was a crazy year, and i became more unstable as it progressed, gaining myself a criminal record along the way for a very stupid incident that got out of hand. the scars from that year still remain, and i have permanent reminders in both my mental health and my stuck for life criminal charge. its amazing how much can happen in twelve short months, and i guess if i could talk to my younger self in 1997 id try to make sure she knew about how huge consequences can be, and how much the choices we make affect our futures. i would also tell her to be strong for herself, and rely on no one else. i wish i had had a better shot at starting out, but we are all products of our past and our choices, if youre reading this please take a second to reflect on where you are in life right now, and if there are negative aspects that come to mind, know that you have the power to change them, be your own best friend and take care 
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I know you r only who can change your world.<br />
This will be always done by us , help each other.<br />
take care.