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Several years ago, there was a program on a cable TV channel in which Dr. Ruth Wieshiemer gave answers to sex questions that were phoned in. It was fairly popular, especially because she appeared to be your Jewish grandmother talking about sex extremely frankly. Usually, she got the questions right, but occasionally needed some help or guidance from her younger male co-host who acted as the traffic cop, introducing her and posing the questions for her.

Later, there was a cable TV listing for "The Sunday Night Sex Show" which featured a Canadian sex educator who also fielded question. She was a bit more frank and graphic, complete with models, sex toys and reviews of products. Sue Johansen was special, as she would go where no one else would. Frank, honest discussions about sex. However, as she got older, her hearing would fail her and sometimes she would answer what she thought she heard, instead of what the caller was asking.

As a companion to this show, the TV director ran a website forum that accepted questions and he posted the answers. He had worked with Sue so many years that he knew her mind, and could answer quite clearly for her. Only occasionally did he need to consult with her, and when that happened, he would re-post the question or clarify that Sue felt a different answer was in order.

I must admit I was enamored with this guy and his job. It seemed to be the dream job, to talk about sex all day long, and be able to discuss it on the Internet, and still keep his day job as a TV director in a professional studio. Very impressive and enticing.

Eventually, I set him/her a few questions and started a dialog with him. he would occasionally respond via email instead of on the forum, especially when I asked something about the background of the show, their experiences, their education, etc. When Sue published her book"Nocturnal Emissions", a photo was included, and I connected the sysop's name "Randy G" to the group photo and figured out which one he was and his real name. He was surprised and impressed that someone made the connection and correctly identified him. He had felt more anonymous behind his sysop title. I promised not to "out him" and we continued our "dialog" via the Internet.

I never got to Toronto while the show was in production. I never got a chance to meet him nor her, or ever get to Canada to meet my friends. But eventually, Sue's age and health suggested that it was time to stop, and the insurance rates prevented them from continuing their email forum, although we clamored for it to continue.

In one of the final exchanges, I shared with him that I had an unusual "Ah ha" moment. At age 50, I was reflecting on where I was in my fatherhood and how I missed my father. A memory was triggered.

When I was in junior high, I had met my father in the locker room of the local YMCA after he had been playing volleyball during a noon-hour workout, and had just taken his shower, returning to the locker room to dress. I was standing around waiting, when he sat nude on the wooden bench, draped with his white towel, and threw a leg over the bench, straddling it.

I was stunned to see that my father was uncircumcised. You could barely see the Head of his **** peak out from within the folds of skin of his penis. Yet I knew this could not be possible. I knew for a fact that he had been circumcised, ever since he had first taught me to pee standing at the toilet. We had showered together once or twice as a young boy, and I was sure that he had been circumcised, though i didn't know the significance at that age.

So here I was, at age 50, about the age that my father had been when I saw him straddle the bench in the nude, and got the shock of seeing him UN-circumcised. We never had spoken about it, and I could tell that he felt uncomfortable having his son starring at his nude body, so he dressed quickly.

Flash forward to modern day, as I had stood outside in the chilly Christmas weather, helping the local Toys for Tots campaign to collect new unwrapped toys for needy kids and families. After two hours of frigid duty, I was chilled and went to the local YMCA for a hot shower or to sit in their group executive sauna and warm up. As I dashed into their men's locker room and started to ***** off, I got down to my naked body and was shocked to discover my shriveled penis.

That is, my penis had pulled back inside my body so much, that it appeared that I was uncircumcised! Immediately, I flashed in my memory to my father sitting in a similar locker room with a similar "turtle effect" as the head of his **** barely peaked out from the skin of the shaft of his penis. Gingerly, I felt for my penis, and confirmed that all that had happened was that the skin of the shaft of my penis had slid forward and covered the head. In a weird co-incidence, fate had caused me to experience the same thing I had observed in my dad.

Then I remembered that the YMCA at that time had an inefficient water heater/boiler and the group showers in the late 1960s were usually cold. Certainly cold enough to cause "Shrinkage" in most men. I got a big laugh at myself and decided to share this with my friend on the sex advice forum. He got a big kick out of it as well, and posted the memory on line, remarking how life sometimes jogs funny memory for us all.

And with that final posting, the blog forum came to an end. He posted one final entry apologizing for what would seem like an abrupt end, but that Sue had decided to retire and that the forum was ending. It would be posted on line for a couple of weeks, so that everyone would be able to see the explanation and see if their question had been answered, but that it was over and done with.

I felt good that I had helped him end on an up beat note and that it was a pleasant memory.

But I miss my sex advice column terribly. EP helps to fill that void.
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Jan 5, 2013