My Poem Entitled 'people Who Live In Glasshouses'

People who live in glass houses
Really shouldn’t throw any stones
My house so fragile at the mo
Don’t need to be told not to throw

Judging people is so bad too
Especially when it doesn’t concern you
You lower yourself exponentially
When of pettiness you should be free

I don’t recommend the propaganda game
And also the one of being lame
Otherwise known as the blame game
All our journeys ARE NOT THE SAME

Another bad thing; taking sides
In gossip of other peoples lives
You need all of your energy for yourself
Not for any drama queen hells

You don’t have all the facts anyway
So no right to judge others any day
You lower yourself to petty vibrations
When involved in others machinations

Some of your intent may be good
Others looking out for you and your hood
But communicate this from the start
For family and friend bonds to last

Just remember when shooting from the hip
Whether more suited to a fascist dictatorship
We were all created equal anyways
Age of Aquarius soon for brighter days

41-45, M
Dec 12, 2012