She Said She Had A Dream About Me,And It Was Weird

"I dreamed of you and it was weird",she said.I said,"What did you dream"?
She began,"I dreamed we were at Walmart and this girl came up behind me and pinched a chunk of my butt and I mean she took a big chunk.I turned around and hollered at her and said,"you are in so much trouble"."Mary is going to kill you for this".I've been trying to be gay for her and there's no way I'm going to be gay for you.She's just going to kill you I tell you." Then I asked,"Did you know her?"She said,"No,but you did".
She told me this over the phone,so she couldn't see the expression on my face.I didn't let on that the dream made me feel delighted,that maybe,just maybe her subconscious [the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one's actions and feelings] maybe loving me in some way.I do so "Love Her".I never want to drive her away.I just want to enjoy everyday of my life and each moment she's with me,I want to delight in it.
Yes "Earth Angel" is still in my life.I love you Angel.
Mare1952 Mare1952
56-60, F
Feb 18, 2013