My First Time In A Glory Hole

On the way back from a friends house I saw a adult bookstore. So I
decided to go in and check out the **** in the viewing booths and find some ***** that I can suck. Well I did find a viewing booth with a hole and
went in and sat down not familar with what will happen . It was probably 10 min later that I heard someone went in the next room. So sitting there watching **** on the screen I see a **** come thru the hole. Am still watching the **** on the screen but kept on looking at the ****. I finally leaned over and put my hand around his **** and started to ********** him. Several min later his **** was getting hard in my hand and I was starting to get excited and horny. So I leaned over and put my mouth
around his hard **** and started giving him a *******. Sliding my mouth up and down on him as he was getting harder and bigger in my mouth. I must of been giving him a ******* for a long time before he finally shoots his *** in my mouth. After he was done I swallowed his *** it was good but not as tasty as mine. By now my **** was hard from sucking his **** so I pulled it out and started to ********** still tasting his *** in my mouth. Then I see another **** come thru the hole and after enjoying sucking the first **** I had put that one in my mouth also. While sucking his **** I heard the door opened I thought I locked it good when I went in. So this guy is watching me sucking on this **** then he pulls out his and have me suck his too. So now
am sucking on two ***** but I go back to the one thru the glory hole. The guy in my booth now has his hands on my **** and begins to finger my ***. Next thing I know my shorts are down on the floor and I feel his **** sliding in my *** and starts to **** me. So my first time visiting a glory hole I already swallowed my first load and now am sucking one thru the hole again while having a **** **** my ***. He leans over and hands me a bottle of poppers to sniff that really got me excited. That I was enjoying being **** in my *** that I wanted him to **** me harder and told him to *** inside of me. Not to mentioned that am still sucking the **** thru the hole and love having it in my mouth. Now am swallowing **** *** as the guy ******* my *** shoot his *** deep inside of me. It wasn't long after that I feel his *** dripping out of my *** I know what a ******** feels like. I still haven't *** yet and still horny with a hard on and another **** comes thru the hole and it didn't take me long to have my mouth filled with his ***. I was ready to leave when another person came into my booth and wanted to suck my ****. So I let him suck me but told him I wanted to feel his **** inside my ***. So when he pulled his **** out it had to be a big one this time. I bent over for him as he shoved all of his **** in my wet ***. As he was ******* me I was moaning in pain but it felt good having his big **** go in and out of me. Then I felt his **** release his load deep inside of me I didn't move till it was all up inside me. Right after that I drove back home with *** dripping from my *** and the taste of *** in my mouth. So now I want to visit adult bookstores with glory holes all the time now.
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19 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Wow !!!!! That sure was a productive day. 💟💟💟

wow!!!!1 that was soooo hot!!!!

You are such a ****, let's be friends! ;D

Love a girl that knows what she want!!!! Love Glory-holes for a good suck and ****..

What a great experience. I got hard just reading it. I would love to have been in your place and enjoy all that tasty ***. You are so fortunate.

can I *** visit you

I would love to have fun with you

great storie u got me so hard can I suck u than *** kiss yumm

I would love that...


love to visis one with you

That would be hot...

hope so

ohhh ! what a hot story ! you explaine it very well ! thanks for sharing !

Sounds delicious!

Is their glory holes in aust
I want the same experience

wonderful, thanks for sharing :)

I love when it drips from my *** its a wonderful feeling.!!

Yes! Gloryholes are great!!!

why dont I have adult book stores like that near me ;)

Such fun , sexy stories you have here... Sd

nice way to spend the day

mmmmm I wish you were in Texas