My First Time At the Glory Hole

Testosterone will get a guy in trouble sooner or later. hopefully it's good trouble
like the day in my puberty years when I went down to my secret spot to j... off.
Unfortunately or fortunately while lying there halfway through ******* to my favorite
**** fantasy, f...... my female classmates as well as my teacher, I was discovered
by a tall lean athletic-looking stud towering over me, smiling. 'Well, what have we got here', he said as

he ******** down to his balls and the longest, thickest c..., I had ever seen in my life until that day.
'Let me help you with that', he chuckled as he kneeled on the ground, took my young p.... in his
mouth and sucked me slowly and expertly until loudly moaning I blew my load into his mouth.
I was somewhat hesitant, but I felt obliged to him to no end. I offered to return the favor.
He politely declined, suggesting that I go to the men's room at the Three Gables Truck Stop
near Harrisburg, PA.

Walking into the three Gables Men's room I saw the usual three urinals and three stalls.
I went to the urinal adjacent to a stall and unzipped ready to pee whe my eyes were drawn to a hole in
the stall. I peered throught the hole and saw a hand pumping a nice-looking penis.
My jaw dropped to the floor and my organ sprang to attention. A finger came through the hole and a voice

beckoned me to put my thing through the hole which I did, promptly. I saw his mouth opening as I
shyly invaded it. Then he began to suck sending a rush to my head like I never had felt before that day.
I thought I was going to faint. My precum started to ooze from the head of my member immediately. It was

all that I could do to restrain my p.... from squirting into the mouth working it's magic on the other side

of the hole. I was embarrassed standing there at a men's room urinal getting sucked by a total stranger

whom I could not even see. It was the naughtiest thing I had ever done by far, but all thoughts were lost

as a hot, burning, tingling feeling was quickly arising in my tool. He could no doubt feel the spasms as

his lips grew firmer and he sucked harder. I wanted to scream as he took my shooting load.
I spasmed and spasmed and spasmed as he sucked and sucked and sucked.

Then I went limp and it slipped from his mouth. Shivers ran down my spine as I saw my sex-cream drooling

from between his lips. He smiled and mouthed the word 'thanks'. Suddenly I became scared and wanted to run

away when I felt something rubbing the palm of my hand. 
 I looked down to see the swollen head of a huge, thick c... trying to work it's way into my hand. Oh my

god, what pleasure to look at it. I think I fell in love with c... that day, although I never became

homosexual. I was so engrossed having myself sucked off, I didn't notice that someone had quietly sneaked

up to the urinal next to me and had apparently been watching my experience. I would have died of

embarressment, but I didn't have the chance. A big stocky biker-looking guy was furiously pumping his

steamy, hot meat in my hand. God, I wanted to drop to my knees and take that shaft into my salivating mouth

up to the hilt, but I heard the guy in the stall ordering me to take him in my other hand as he slid his

rod through the hole. There was no escape. There I was pumping hard on two steamy, hot c....
They had synchronized by telling each other whe the were about to ***. I pointed their p..... toward my

face and soom two huge throbbers were spurting hot gobs of *** into the middle of my face, which streamed

down my cheeks, over my lips onto my chin dripping to the floor.

I reached down and took my own c... which was ready to *** again and it quickly did. I had a sudden impulse
to suck both of those guys right then and there, but I was still too shy to do that. I did lick a few gobs

of ***** from the biker guy's purple head, and quicly left. Even though I never sucked them, I knew someday

I would let some hot guy bury himself deep down my throat. And on that day I surely found out why they

called them glory holes.


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really hot story.....<br />
<br />
i had almost a similar expereince at a urinal one day....

Ummmm I want to go there and do the nasty to c....

really hot sotry, thnx....

excellently told very hot!