Glory Holes Rule

I used to cruise the streets for ****, but not since glory holes came along.  At first, these were in public men's toilets. At one of them, in a truck stop near an air force base, an air force guy in jeans (but with crew cut and military look) took a ****. I observed him pull away from the urinal, then saw he had on a wedding ring. He was looking at the hole, slowly getting hard.  I motioned for him to put it through, and I sucked this married guy's hard, circumcised ****. The head was swollen and kind of flared out, but not like one of those "mushroom" heads. Anyway, he shot a hot load into my mouth pretty quickly, then left. The whole incident was short and sweet.  On his way out, he glanced through the stall door gap to see my face, and I remember that he was just starting to bald and had this unmistakeable look of contempt on his face.

Nowadays, we have video stores where I can go suck ****, and I could tell all kinds of stories about it. On two occasions, I've sucked more than ten dicks in the course of a day. It's absolutely incredible. I like glory holes because married and straight men will resort to them, and they're the ones I want to suck. I'd love to hear other guys' experiences sucking dicks.

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

When I saw "Glory Holes Rule" I mistakenly thought it was about glory hole etiquette. Because I ever am bold enough to go to a glory hole or adult book story, I would like to know signals, phrases, gestures, etc mean. I don't want to go there unprepared or look like it is my first time.<br />
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But good story. I enjoyed reading similar stories. I get more excited and horny thinking about checking out adult book stores/ gloryholes.