I had a really hard childhood, my mom had cancer, I used to self injure, my Dad was abusive, I had a hard time with drugs. You name it I dealt with it. And I dealt with it a lot by writing. Either short stories, poems or true journal entries. My life is much better now almost 12 years later. I wen through treatment, had my son, got married had my daughter, and now I'm working on my second degree. But I go back and read that stuff every once in a while and I cry. I cry because of how sad it is, I cry cause there is so much pain in those words, I cry because it took so much for me to learn those lessons. But mostly I cry happy tears. Happy tears because I made it! I made it through and I am happier than I ever though possible.... And not a lot of people can say that.
mrsundercognito mrsundercognito
22-25, F
Jan 3, 2011