Barefoot In The Office

Not having a strict dress code means I can be barefoot as much as I like,which is nearly all the time,and wearing shorts makes it really obvious and shows off my very long tanned legs.Some of the other women go barefoot on occasions but when the weather is hot I don't even have any footware with me or in my car.

Everyone knows I love to have my feet bare,and it gets a lot of attention,men love it and both men and women compliment my high arches and very long toes.My feet get absolutely filthy being bare all day.I often put them up on my desk and then spread and flex my toes,showing off their flexability.My boss has a real foot fetish and this torments him rotten.He dare not say but I can see the bulge in his pants and have often seen him checking out my bare feet.

We have a laminated floor in the office and it helps to keep my feet healthly and strong,the skin on my soles is thick and very tough,and karate-I have a second dan black belt,has hardened and strengthened my feet even further.I have walked through broken glass by accident with no injury at all,just brushing off the soles in case any glass stuck to them.My bare feet have even got me asked out on dates.
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3 Responses Aug 30, 2012

Please post some photos of those gorgeous, tanned toes.

When I worked in an office I used to love seeing the women slip off their shoes. I admire your commitment.

Yep, bare feet totally rule:)
I started going barefoot two summers ago when my boys and I were invited to go on a hike where we'd all be completely nude, and I knew what a fool I'd feel like it I wore shoes and nothing else. It seems funny to me now, but even though I'd always had both my boys go barefoot everywhere, I'd never before gone barefoot myself, or at least no outdoors. I'm always barefoot now, though, at least whenever it's warm enough.