Barefoot At Subways

The favorite place where I love to go barefoot is Subways. It's really barefoot friendy and no one tells you anything about being barefoot. Sometimes before I go there to buy my lunch, I usually end up walking around barefoot at the shopping plaza where the Subways is at. The tiles of Subways always feel cool under your feet.
Barefooter25 Barefooter25
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1 Response Jun 5, 2010

Just last week, I was coming home from Palm Beach when I stopped to buy lunch at a Subways near my house. When I went in, the lady was cleaning the floor because the afternoon lunch crowd had already left. I wiped my barefeet on their Subway "welcome mat" and I avoided the area where she was cleaning. After buying my lunch, I had to walk though some of the floor areas where she cleaned but she told me not to worry about it. I guess me walking in there barefoot made it easier since the majority of people that go into Subways are shod and leave mud and dust from the bottom of their shoes.