Barefoot Where Ever/when Ever

I wear shoes at work, I wear shoes when I ride my motorcycle, I wear shoes when the outside temperature is below 20 degrees Farenheit and I'm going to be outside for more than half an hour or so. I mow the lawn barefoot, I walk in snow barefoot and even have shovelled the sidewalk and driveway barefoot.

Those are pretty much the ONLY time I wear shoes.

I go barefoot everywhere I can. I've been asked to leave stores, I do and I take my money with me. I've been asked to leave restaurants, again, my feet and my money leave. I don't go back to businesses that require shoes. Ever.

Last Summer, I took a vacation on Galveston Island. I didn't take any shoes, or flip-flops, or mocassins. I was barefoot for the entire week and only one restauarant said anything to me. Don't eat at the Spot Restaurant on the Seawall.

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Excellent your choice. If the restaurants / shops / public offices do not allow you to go in barefoot, you change course, but never come back. I practice barefooting long years, and I have experienced all the possibilities to go around barefoot. For my personal choice, I t present I avoid going barefoot in stores. Not because someone has banned me, only that I do not feel at ease. I prefer to practice barefooting in the country, while walking in nature. I, too, am at home barefoot and go barefoot in the garden, while cutting the lawn. At work I have to wear shoes, but for me this is not a problem: finished my work here is that I get back barefoot. I drive barefoot, and I go biking, barefoot. This is my personal experience on the subject of barefooting.
I am Italian.

I like your way. I have been to South Padre Isalnd TX twice and went barefoot the whole time. I even ate at Denneys with a sign that said :No Shirt No Shoes No Service". Nothing was said. Had a great time.