Barefoot On Hot Black Top

I absolutely love to go barefoot during summer when the temps are in the 90's-100's and try to walk on the hot sphalt. Anybody else like to push their limits and see what you can handle? I love to get my feet black on the bottoms too!! Are they any people on here from California, Bay area?
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Let me regain my composure. I thought I was the only one that did that! I spend all year waiting for the blistering summers so I can cook my soles black. Constantly get incredulous comments from passersby too. I live in Sacramento. Let me know if you ever make it down this way and I'll introduce you to the 10-hour hike on the black-topped bike trail, terminating in a riverside beach.

Dammit I was just up in Sac yesterday. I went to the arco arena and spent the day barefoot there walking around. What part of sac are you in? Where have you gone barefoot? Or should I ask where haven't you gone or been kicked out of? How calloused are your soles? How hot can you handle the asphalt? Do you carry shoes with just incase?

Good evening. I tried to answer your message privately but your profile settings block adult members?? The 30s aren't exactly juvenile.
Are you a barefoot devotee too? Yeah, I go barefoot everywhere in Sac, love to feel the hot asphalt, especially on the bike trail. Think the hottest I\'ve ever felt was 110, but my hooves were still ok. I carry backup flips to ride the busses because the security guards are particularly rabid about the NS3 rule.
Right now I'm in Santa Cruz for my annual beach retreat and plan to spend it 100% barefoot. Praying for good temps so I can stay shirtless too.

I love pushing the limits of what I can do barefoot. I have the extra challenge of an on-going foot injury which means I often need crutches to get around, which gets extra looks as I can go anywhere on crutches and barefoot, and I prefer to be shirtless, always when I am on cruthces (like I am now) and I think the barefoot shirtless look is great. Even when there was snow on the ground I was on my cructhes, bare feet and bare-chested. That felt amazing!

Not from California,not a "fulltime" barefooter, but a "barefoot as much as possible" barefooter in South Tx. (USA)

Barefooti'in on scorching hot asphalt in the dog days of Summer??

ABSOLUTELY!! Even with good callouses on my feet, it burns and stings like all get-out, but it also slams my circulatory system into overdrive! It does AWESOME things for stimulating my metabolic and endocrine systems.

Some people look at me like I'm crazy, but many of them are, or will be, battling things like diabetes, poor circulation, ESRD, and neuropathy in their lower limbs and feet. They'll also be battling (if they're not already) knee and hip pain, back pain, and other maladies borne of walking improperly, as the shod lifestyle forces us to do. I feel sorry for those people whose pointless inhibitions, needs to conform, and ignorance of the benefits of barefoot'in stand between them and the healthy joys that they could be experiencing.

One excellent example is doing the grocery shopping. Their trips to the grocery store are time consuming chores; mine are stimulating pleasures!! Of course, being able to barefoot that scorching hot asphalt has much to do with enhancing those pleasures. Unless you'veexperienced it personally, you can't even begin to comprehend the joy of the sudden contrasts between feeling the hot asphalt underfoot to barefoot'in the decadently wonderful, cool floors of te dairy aisle.

Those people will also largely miss out on the wonderful pleasures of barefoot'in the park. Contrary to what many people seem to believe, not all parks are littered with broken glass, drug needles or animal droppings. Softball?? Volleyball?? Tennis?? It's just not the same when your feet are stuffed in prison cells called shoes. Barefoot'in the Renaissance Festivals in East Texas is a wonderful experience few people will ever know.

So sad!!

Many people who are newbie barefooters or just starting again in the spring go out on hot pavement, burn and blister their feet and vow not to go barefoot outdoors again. Once your feet get accustomed to their environment and build up natural resistance you'll have no problem on hot asphalt, gravel, rough surfaces, etc. <br />
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I dated women who loved going barefoot too. One had very uniformly tough, leather like soles. Another had very hard callouses. Mine are like that. None of us had any problems on city streets other than strange looks from others (Greenwich Village in NYC). I remember seeing Suzy and said "I see we like the same style and color shoes!" because we both had filthy feet, tops and soles.<br />
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When I was in CA years ago I was disappointed to see so few barefooters on Venice Beach and then on to San Francisco. Even in Haight-Ashbury only a few. Ben & Jerrys had no problems with bare feet but a record store asked me to leave. Malls were barefoot friendly.