Barefoot Neophyte

Hello all.
I live in Chicago and and am taking my first tentative steps to the barefoot lifestyle. I haven't done any real public barefooting yet except on the beaches or in grassy areas. It's going to take me a while to get my feet in shape, get my confidence up, get over the societal anxiety and get used to walking barefoot in an urban environment.
I'm in my sock foot stage now. I try to wear shoes indoors as little as possible (never at home). I have a couple of really cool neighboorhood coffeeshops and bookstores where I just pad around at will now. Starting this week I'm going to make a deliberate effort of just going for it and taking my shoes off as soon as I get inside any establishment that doesn't have a no shoes no service sign and just seeing what happens. The real barrier is just psychological I guess. If you don't my socks, well then just don't look and I won't look at your crusty feet dangling in your flip-flop "shoes". Just wait till the socks come off too!
I'd love to hear any comments or advice on making my barefoot transition easier and more fun. Also, if there are any barefooters in the Chicago area, I'd love to hear from you!

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3 Responses Nov 15, 2010

Just be confident and act as if this is normal and no one will hassel you.

Hi - I hope you're still checking the site here, and you've had some positive experiences. I love going barefoot, but am absolutely terrified of getting "called out." I did get kicked out of a crappy bar once, and that ruined it for over a year for me. Be confident! You have to be sure of yourself.

Just keep on barefootin' Soon it will be second nature and you'll find yourself comfortable and ignoring almost all negative comments.