I Like To Go Barefoot In Public

     Hi. I love to go barefoot in public. Especially i like in subway or train station. In summer i go barefoot almost always.
barefootboy88 barefootboy88
6 Responses Jan 9, 2012

How did you get up the nerve?

Being barefoot in public is great. I go barefoot year-round and I love getting my soles really black. In winter I still go barefoot and teh feeling of cold mud oozing between my bare toes is fantastic

me too

Awesome profile pic. I tried to add you bug your preferences are set such that nobody who posts "adult" content may add you. You also have your preferences set such that nobody outside of your circle can send you a message.

I'll have a look a at me settings mate. But i'm not a nudist just a barefooter so only other barefooters will be in my circle

Bare feet is the best, and natural also, I'll never go back to being shod.

Having dirty soles is like having a badge of honor. Yesterday I walked on large patch of dirt in my yard and it felt like I was walking on a nice smooth carpet, It also feels good sleeping at night when your soles are filthy.

Yes! I never wash my feet before going to bed. It gives me a head start on the next day's barefooting and getting my feet filthy.

That's so cool. Train stations get your feet really black and filthy which looks awesome. I also love going barefoot and getting my feet filthy.