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How It All Started

Growing up I always had shoes on! I remember having horrible athletes foot. It wasn't by my choice as I remember, my mom is what I call a shoe freak. She never goes barefoot, never even wears sandals. I grew up afraid to let other people see my feet. It wasn't until I was about 12 or so that I finally started to notice my love for being barefoot. Now that I was old enough to be home alone after school I started going barefoot in the house. I eventually worked up the courage to walk to the mailbox (we had a common mail box everyone drove up to) without shoes. I was super nervous and I passed another person which made me want to run and hide so they didn't see my feet were bare. I slowly progressed and one day went in public. I walked to the store to buy something and left my shoes home. It was almost a mile each way and I passed a group of kids walking. I was so nervous they would say something about my bare feet. Being inside the store was nerve wrecking also. It was a rush when I finally got back home, no one ever said anything. I later became the first guy I ever saw to wear sandals in school, that too was hard as I was still foot shy. Swimming class was hardest, forced barefoot in the class for an hour. I have now (many years later) evolved into a barefooter. I go out in public a lot, never wear shoes at home or when we go to other peoples houses. Parks, walking the dog, yard work.... all barefoot. I wish the season was longer here, it's too cold to go bare at least 6 months out of the year. I always wonder if I had been barefoot more growing up if I would still like it now.
moosebob moosebob 26-30, M 3 Responses Feb 9, 2012

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Wow! It's amazing how similar a lot of our experiences are!! My childhood was very much like yours but you were able to take it much further. Good for you! I'm still struggeling. <br />
<br />
And Kaalpoter, what an awesome experience growing up! I envy you.

My writing is a bit wierd.Let me try again...I grew up in an environment,where we went to school barefoot all year around,and we had no option,the teachers made us come go to school barefoot.The prefects made sure.that if you wore shoes to school,you took it of at the gate and went barefoot.80% of primary schools in Sa encourage bare feet attendance,and barefootting is written in the school rules,shoes are optional.Even when you went barefoot as a child ,you would still love it as an adult,I still go church,to town,to the mall,to the movies,to the opera.Sometimes atwork,I work barefoot,but don't like it,as I work in a hospital Medical ICU,and the amount and types of germs are dangerous,but the moment I am off duty,I remove my shoes and socks.Believe me,...loved bare feet as a bare feet as an adult....

Believe would still have loved it.I grew up where we did not wear shoes to school,we allwent barefeet,(we had no option,the teachers made us come to schoolbarefoot,and the prefects madesur you took off your shoes and socks at school.)Even today,almost 80% of primary schools encourage kids to go barefoot to school.I wnt barefoot as a child,and I stillgo barefoot all over,to the mall,to the movies,to church(as do 60% of the kids)to the opera,to university,only at work I wear shoes,becaus we have to,seeing that its an ICU unit,but occasionally I wouldgo barefoot at work,but the moment I get off duty,I remove my shoesand go barefoot.