How It All Started

Growing up I always had shoes on! I remember having horrible athletes foot. It wasn't by my choice as I remember, my mom is what I call a shoe freak. She never goes barefoot, never even wears sandals. I grew up afraid to let other people see my feet. It wasn't until I was about 12 or so that I finally started to notice my love for being barefoot. Now that I was old enough to be home alone after school I started going barefoot in the house. I eventually worked up the courage to walk to the mailbox (we had a common mail box everyone drove up to) without shoes. I was super nervous and I passed another person which made me want to run and hide so they didn't see my feet were bare. I slowly progressed and one day went in public. I walked to the store to buy something and left my shoes home. It was almost a mile each way and I passed a group of kids walking. I was so nervous they would say something about my bare feet. Being inside the store was nerve wrecking also. It was a rush when I finally got back home, no one ever said anything. I later became the first guy I ever saw to wear sandals in school, that too was hard as I was still foot shy. Swimming class was hardest, forced barefoot in the class for an hour. I have now (many years later) evolved into a barefooter. I go out in public a lot, never wear shoes at home or when we go to other peoples houses. Parks, walking the dog, yard work.... all barefoot. I wish the season was longer here, it's too cold to go bare at least 6 months out of the year. I always wonder if I had been barefoot more growing up if I would still like it now.
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Wow! It's amazing how similar a lot of our experiences are!! My childhood was very much like yours but you were able to take it much further. Good for you! I'm still struggeling. <br />
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And Kaalpoter, what an awesome experience growing up! I envy you.