At The Dentist's Office...

I went to the dentist's office barefoot yesterday. It was about 70 degrees and sunny, much too nice to wear shoes. I'm not sure if they noticed my feet or not while I was in the dentist chair. They may have assumed i just kicked off my sandals since they asked if I had everything as I was getting up to leave. Either way I spent an hour in the dentist chair barefoot and no one said a word about it. Too bad next time I go it will be cold out, so I must wait another year before doing this again.
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4 Responses May 19, 2012

I'm sorry you had a problem at Taco Bell. I've never had an issue there.

You must've gone on a bad day because I've heard that Taco Bells are barefoot friendly. I don't know about Dollar Stores but I do know that Dollar Generals are not friendly to barefooters. I went one that was in front of a lake and the place had the typical 3 n sign on the door.

I've never had a problem at dollar tree. I have never had problems at the other taco bell near us either, could just be an anti barefoot manager.

Bummer for being kicked out of a restaurant, a fast food place none the less. I wouldn't go there even if I was wearing shoes. I make it a point to look for the three no's and if I see them I won't spend cash there. I go to my local pizza place to get my order barefoot and a Carls Jr. barefoot. Other than that a donut shop would be the only other eatery that I have gone barefoot to.

Most places around here don't have ns3 signs. When I was kicked out of taco bell it was by the manager himself and I could tell he was having a bad day. I didn't want to make his day worse arguing with him about it so I just obliged. I find dollar stores are good barefoot places, no one that works at a dollar store gives a crap.

I like going barefoot as many places as I can. I have never been to the dentist barefoot though.

I go as many places as I can also. Pretty much every place except restaurants, I haven't tried that yet. On occasion I go to fast food places barefoot, been kicked out of taco bell once and a pizza place once (by my friend that works there none the less).