Becoming More Common?

I have gone years without seeing anyone barefoot anywhere other than in the house or at the pool/beach. This summer however, within the past month even, I have seen one young kid barefoot in the customer center where I work, an early teenage girl walking barefoot around a subdivision garage sale with her mother, a barefoot guy picking up a pizza, a barefoot early teenage girl waiting to cross the street in a small town with her friend, and a barefoot guy in taco bell getting something to go. On top of all that, I stopped at the ice cream stand yesterday evening and saw a middle aged lady barefoot as well as two teenage girls. I thought that was awesome, including myself that made four barefoot people at one public place at the same time.
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I wish it was true that more people were barefooting. I saw a guy come out of a coffee shop barefoot about a year and a half ago (it's what prompted my very short adventure) but haven't seen one person since. It would be a lot easier to do if there was more company.

I hope you are right and things do change because even here in sunny South Florida, it's rare to see somebody walk barefoot in public, unless you are next to a beach. We are just living in an era where walking around barefoot is considered uncleanliness or just plain weird.

That's just the marketing department wants! Convince everyone that feet are fragile and gross and then make a different shoe for any and every occasion so no one ever has to be barefoot for anything! We are living in an era where people who think for themselves are considered weird.

Wow that is a start. I hope things are changing. I don't see many people barefoot around my home town either. Everyone is wearing flipflops. I did see a barefoot teen age boy passing in front of me when I was entering the liquor store. I hope more people will leave their shoes behind and go barefoot.

This week as I was leaving a Burger King, I held the door for people coming in and wouldn't ya know one guy was barefoot.

That's great, maybe it's catching on. Where was this at?

Southeast part of lower Michigan

I fear though that if it becomes too common, businesses will enforce customers wearing shoes and perhaps even push for a law against bare feet in any public place.

That's possible, but they also could throw up their hands and give up. You just never know. There's power in numbers.

True, there is power in numbers; but there are still far more shoe lovers than barefooters. I believe liability is the problem. My understanding is that in New Zealand bare feet are allowed everywhere no problem and it's because people can't sue if they get hurt.

In reality we can't sue because we carry most of the duty of care. In other words, we enter at our own risk. Here's a link that explains it all. Let me know what you think.

It's a good article. Like I mentioned before there just aren't enough people wanting to go barefoot in stores to change anything, at least not yet. What I find odd is that it seems like the presence of shoes makes all the difference. I have been asked to leave several eating establishments for being barefoot; however when at a table if I have my flip flops with me in plain sight but am not wearing them, then I am left alone.

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