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A while ago I was chatting online with other fans of barefeet. during the chat I agreed to take on some barefooted challenges and post some pictures to share with the group my first challenge was to walk barefoot in the snow. now I must admit that I love to go barefoot and enjoy the feeling of different substances under my bare soles. but I am not a huge fan of being cold. however it was a challenges so I agreed.
my first few steps outdoors felt wonderful the snow melted under the heat of my barefeet and as I walked down the pavement I left perfect foot prints in the snow. ( I have often wondered what the next person to walk down the street thought) it was early morning and I walked 10 minutes to the end of the road as per my challenge, taking a few pictures on the way. before turning around and heading back. my feet felt a little cold but it wasn't too bad a little snow clung to my soles as I took the pictures. I walked a little quicker on the way back home the snow crunching beneath my bare soles. however when I got back in to the warm house and my feet started to warm up again they stung like mad as the heat worked through them still at least the group enjoyed the pictures.
over the next few weeks I had a few more challenges for my barefeet some involved getting them messy with food which I did enjoy feeling chocolate mousse oozing between my baretoes was a very pleasant experience as was walking on a warm pizza, the cheese cake was extra nice and oozed between my baretoes I even took a video of some of them. once again the pictures were eagerly enjoyed by the group.
the next more difficult challenge came shortly after and was for me to walk barefoot around a shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon, now I had done a lot of barefoot trips to shops before but never had the nerve to go barefoot in a shopping centre when I knew it was going to be busy. I was very nervous as I walked barefoot to the main entrance but those nerves faded as I realised most people were too absorbed in their shopping to take any notice of my feet. the floor was cold under my soles and felt quite gritty I noticed that my soles were totally black even before I had made it to the end of the first concourse. I relaxed a little and enjoyed knowing that my feet were bare and filthy I started to wander in and out of a few shops browsing at clothes and electrical items.
I spent about an hour walking around the shopping centre I brought coffee at a well know outlet and I did notice a few people catch my eye and smile. I have to admit that I didn't get too many pictures as I didn't want to draw attention to myself. but certainly enjoyed the experience.
I had some more challenges along the same sort of lines. but the most challenging one came from a male barefoot fan who during the chat I discovered lived i few towns away from me.
his challenges for me was to walk barefoot in the countryside and have pictures taken. A quite pleasant challengs I thought i loved walking barefoot in the quiet country side. however his challenge had an extra twist. he wanted to meet me I was to be barefoot and walk for 1 hour with him across the foot paths etc he wanted to take pictures of my feet and in order to complete the challengs I must walk wherever he said. I was extremely apprehensive, i had never met anyone from "the web" before but in the end I agreed, I figured he probably wouldn't turn up anyway.
the day came and I took the bus to the village and walked the short distance to the entrance to the country park. I sat on the bench by the sign, in shorts and barefoot I was easy to spot anyway. it was a week day morning so it was fairly quiet, one older couple walking their dogs looked at my feet as they walked past and muttered something to each other.
I waited, and waited a little more I was just about to give up when a car pulled in and the driver waved at me.
it parked up and the guy came over towards me, I assume your Ben he said holding out his hand. I shook it nervously, Im Dave im glad you turned up he said.
well I like a challenge was all i replied.
he was looking at my feet, "i think you have lovely feet" he said, "I hope you don;t mind that i want to take pictures of them".
"thats fine, so long as its not in full public view i said".
he pointed to a foot path, "shall we" "you lead so i can see your feet"
as I climbed over the stile he took his first picture of my barefeet. the ground had been a little damp on the way and my soles were wet but not too dirty so far.
"very nice" was all he said.
as we walked on the bark chippings on the path felt good under my soles, we came to a cross roads and he pointed to the left, "this one looks more muddy" he grinned.
he was right after only a few paces the soft thick mud was oozing between my baretoes, slurping at my soles as i lifted my foot out, water filled the foot prints. I was enjoying it the squishing mud between my toes was wonderful. my new friends camera working over time.
he was kind of directing me, "show me your soles" he asked as he took more pictures, "step in that bit, it looks nice and thick" he was obviously enjoying the experience as much as me.
it seemed like no time at all that we got to the end of the muddy foot path. we climbed over a fallen tree and he took more pictures of my soles while I sat on the tree.
as we crossed the road he pointed a few meters down the road "over there, I want you to walk on that" he was pointing to a gravel drive, I walked towards it, it was the drive to a big farm house and marked private. but I did as I was told and walked across the gravel, it was hard and sharp under my baresoles especially after the soft inviting mud again more pictures were taken, some of the gravel stuck to the mud on my feet.
were heard an engine start up, "thats enough" he said as we almost ran back down the road to the other side of the foot path.
the other side of the path was grassy, and still wet from the previous night rain. as we walked the grass cleaned off a lot of the mud from my soles. we drew level with the corner of the farm house there was a huge old pear tree over hanging the fence quite a few pears were on the foot path. some had been nibbled by the local wildlife. my companion told me so step on the pears
I did as I was instructed but they were quite firm and didn't squish between my toes as I think he was hoping.
the sun was lovely and warm as we walked on I was starting to really enjoy myself. perhaps a little too soon as we walked around the corner we passed a field of cattle, Dave's eyes lit up. "I have your last challenge" he laughed, " I want you to cross this field, I want to watch you step in at least 4 cow pats"
he must have seen the look of shock on my face, I asked he he was serious.
he said he was and a challenge and that was his request. I asked if he was going to wash my feet after to which he just grinned and said "off you go"
well as I have said I do love to push things and a challenge is indeed a challenge. I climbed over the gate and stood in the field my heart was pounding in my chest as we walked a few paces "there" he said pointing to what looked like a very fresh pile of cow dung.
I stood closer to it and hesitated, with my foot over the top he had his camera ready and the biggest grin on his face "go on" he said eagerly.
I slowly put my barefoot down, the cow pat felt like silky warm mud as it oozed easily between my baretoes, this was definitely a fresh one, I think it was the thought of it that was off putting having cow poo between my toes, but the feeling was actually quite nice.
"that was amazing" he said.
I lifted my foot out of the cow pat, bits dropped from between my toes as i wiggled them.
he pointed to another one behind me, this one looked older, it looked hard. I didn't hesitate this time i put my other foot straight in the middle of it. the crust cracked and broke under the pressure of my bare sole but the inside felt good again as it squished up around my foot and between my toes
Dave was busy looking for pat number three when we heard voices looking round we noticed two people in overalls walking through the next field.
we didn't get time for number three or four I followed Dave back over the gate leaving mucky foot prints on the bars. we quickly walked further down the foot path and ducked in to the wooded area.
Dave was staring hard at my feet, while we waited he took lots of pictures of my now filthy feet, leaves and bits from the ground sticking to the muck on my barefeet.
we waited until we thought the coast was clear and walked back down the foot path towards the car park.
the hour of the challenge was up anyway we walked back to his car he asked me to sit on the passenger seat and said he would clean my feet, well I couldn't go home with my feet covered in poo, I sat on his seat my feet outside the car, he produced a large bottle of water from the boot of the car and poured it over my feet to get the worst of the muck off then to my horror he produced a stiff brush and started to scrub my feet. that was torture but fortunately didn't last long. he took a few more pictures or my now almost clean feet and then offered me a lift home.
I accepted his offer and before we drove off he took a few more pictures of my feet on his dashboard. I got him to drop me a short distance from my house. he said he would contact me again on the chat board as I still owed him two cow pats.
i said i had really enjoyed my morning and looked forward to the next time.
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grew up on a farm . warm cow pies were wonderful on bare feet ! thanks for sharing !

Farms are just the ultimate place to walk around barefoot. There are so many things to feel under your bare soles and between naked toes! And it can take ages to clean them off. A weekend on a farm will stain your bare feet for a whole week

I wish someone in the UK would invite me to come and work on their farm barefoot for a day or two.

Have a look online and see if you can find anyone looking for volunteer workers. that will be your chance to really get those bare feet filthy!

I have actually tried that approach once before, not many ads out there only got one reply to an enquiry but they insisted on proper boots being worn - H&S reasons.

Just turn up, and take the boots off at the first opportunity!

I don't suppose you own a farm?

No, but I have visited some with friends and just turned up barefoot but I ahve an excuse. I have injured my left foot and i can't get a shoe on it comfortably so my doctor told me I have to go everywhere in bare feet, and when it is in a plaster cast (like it is now) I find getting around on my crutches so much easier with my good foot bare, so I am barefoot 99% of the time and my feet are filthy

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