This Weekend

Just a short trip out barefoot this weekend. I was as usual barefoot at home doing a little DIY. I was redecorating the stairs and landing I had already taken off the wallpaper and washed down the walls the previous day.
anyway I now had to fill in the cracks and holes but when I went out to the garage the cold damp concrete of the path actually felt refreshing under my baresoles. I found the tub of filler I had was totally hard - so a trip to the DIY store was needed I was already outdoors so I didn't bother to go back inside for my shoes. I jumped in the car and drove the couple of miles to the store barefoot. I parked up and walked across the car park barefoot I had not got more than a few metres from my car when I heard a lady say "look he isn't wearing any shoes" I turned and saw an attractive lady in her mid 30s pointing at my feet and talking to her equally attractive friend I caught her eye and smiled at her, she returned my smile and I continued my walk to the store.
like the path at home the car park was damp and cold under my baresoles. the doors automatically opened as I approached I walked in the texture beneath my soles changed to a cold, dry and gritty feeling as I walked across the floor of the store. I didn't need to look at my feet, I resisted the temptation I knew the floor would be making my soles jet black.
I walked a few isles to find the filler I needed then walked to the other end of the store to pay. I caught a few people looking at my feet but no one said a word.
I got in the queue to pay and the girls from the car park were in front of me. she kept turning around and looking at my feet, I lifted my foot and pretended to scratch my ankle so she caught sight of my filthy black soles when she looked she laughed and said "your brave coming out with no shoes"
I must admit I was a bit taken aback at someone talking to me about going barefoot, usually people look and maybe comment to their friends but very few ever speak.
"nah, you get used to it I said"
"dont you ever step in anything nasty?" she asked.
"not if you don't want too I said, you just learn to look where you're walking"
She grinned at me and said "I have only been barefoot on the beach"
Then the ckeckout girl called her forward to pay for her items.
"try it in other places too" I said her as she turned her attention to the checkout.
she just smiled at me.
By the time I had paid for my items I couldn't see her but I shall now always wonder if she has ever tried going barefoot, i'll keep an eye out for her thats for sure.
by the time I got home my soles were completely black. and by the time I had done with the decorating they were totally filthy
all in all a good days barefooting I think!
barefootben barefootben
31-35, M
Nov 19, 2012