First Errands Of The New Year

I had to do some errands this morning and on the first day out in public in 2013, I did them barefoot. I had to go and get my mom's car washed and before doing that, I stopped at a gas station to vacum the inside of it and of course, my soles were getting dirty. After taking the car through their wash, I stopped by Subways to buy lunch. I love going in there barefoot cause of the cool tiles and the people working there don't care. Hopefully for the New Year, I get to go more barefoot in public.
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A couple of summers ago, when I really had my courage up, I left my house wearing jeans, long sleeve tee shirt and my bare feet. I drove to a drive-thru car wash and while there, decided to get the inside of my car cleaned at the detail shop. I figured it was 10 am on a week day and there would be no customers there and it would only take a couple minutes. When I pulled up to the shop, I got out and told the guy, "Jeez, sorry for my bare feet. I didn't think I would be getting out of my car on this trip." He looked bemused and said, "No problem" and I went inside. Well, the place was packed! And it took well over and hour to do my car!! Did I get some looks (especially when I went in to use the bathroom,which even grossed me out!) But no one said one word to me. To date, that errand is my most accomplished public barefooting moment.

The sooner you quit worrying about what other people think, the happier you'll be.

You are absolutely right. In the end, I'm only depriving myself.

Yesterday, I went to car show at a nearby park and while I was looking at the cars, a guy complimented on my barefooting. He told me that walking around without shoes is the best. I smiled and said thanks. You never know, you may actually get compliments on you being barefoot in public.

Excellent. I wish more people would go barefoot. As a fellow Miamian I almost never see anyone else barefoot in stores or on the street. I've successfully visited barefoot CVS, Walgreens, Target, Best Buy, and Home Depot. So far, the only place I've been asked to leave was CompUSA. What stores have you found to be barefoot friendly...other than Subway. Keep up the barefoot lifestyle!

I've been barefoot to Walgreens, Target and one time I tried Pier 1 Imports but they asked me to leave because they have a "shoes on" policy. The last time I went to Target, a security guard told me I needed to have shoes inside. It's a pity that most of these places are blind to the fact that we are only there to shop and not cause any disruption.