Travelling Without Shoes Or Shirt

Right now I am sitting on a ferry, the only one on here with a bare chest and really dirty bare feet among a couple of hundred fully dressed passengers although there are a reasonable number with bare feet.
I had a problem last year being on the ferry shirtless when i was getting around my underarm crutches, despite my doctor's instruction to be shirtless. On this trip I have tried swapping underarm for forearm crutches as the shorter ones are less of a hassle for putting them in the car and not taking up too much room. They have stopped the underarm chafing issue and my usual shirtless excuse (but are not so easy to use so I will be getting rid of them as soon as I get home), so I was expecting to
be stopped when I got out of my car and crutched across to the entrance to the passenger deck wearing nothing from the waist up.
The girl looked at my bare feet and commented that it must be hard work having to to get around the dirty and crowded vehicle deck on crutches while barefoot. I told her that my uninjured foot is getting really tough and I can go anywhere with that foot bare and still be comfortable. Then she looked straight at my naked nipples and said it might be cold if I go out on deck without a shirt on. I told her that a walk on crutches will soon warm me up. I asked if I would have any problems with the staff onboard in the bar or restaurant being topless and she said "Hell no, you are on crutches, just do whatever you need to be comfortable". So here I am, sitting in the bar, ******** to the waist, a dirty bare foot and feeling really comfortable if a bit exposed and under-dressed!
(and REALLY turned on!)
barefootshirtless barefootshirtless
41-45, M
Jan 30, 2013