Barefeet Downunder

I'm a barefoot mummy down here in Auckland, New Zealand, 24/7 no shoes, haven't worn any for almost five years. Summertime down here and being barefoot is so neat. I do all my shopping barefoot, go to restaurants in barefeet, do everything without shoes - and simply love the experience and freedom it brings.

Feet get filthy, but hey, my feet I clean them when I need to...
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you have a nice barefoot lifestyle, would you add me? I have questions for you

Do you have fettish for barefeet


Do you like my barefeet

you want to help me get off barefoot

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There are stores here in the US that wont allow you to do such things... youre lucky!

News to me! No one has restricted me from entering any building ever! An urban myth perhap?

Never had any problems with bare feet anywhere in Christchurch!

I love the idea of being barefoot but up here in north USA winters make it impossible. But for seven months it would be just fine. My question is how long would it take to get me feet to the point of being tough enough to walk anywhere? I know I would not mind them getting filthy... actually that would be pretty f ucking cool. To be able to put out my cigarettes with my barefoot would be totally cool. Probably never be able to get them to that point. *sad face*

My boys and I are always barefoot, everywhere we go. We're avid hikers and we can walk on anything barefoot. People do a double take when I crush out my cigarettes with the pad of my big toe.

Good on ya! Yeah i'm a full on smoker and often put out my cigarette with my bare foot. Often smoke in places I shouldn't like the local shopping mall, supermarket etc., guess I just love to push the ******* boundaries a bit!

Do you like men's barefeet

I couldn't agree more! I have never had a problem anywhere, not even in the most barefoot-challenging places with my bare feet. Even being shirtless is only rarely a hassle. Due to a foot injury and on-going problems I am basically barefoot 24/7 year-round and often on crutches, which I prefer to use shirtless for comfort. New Zealand isn't a bad place to live

I would love to live there, barefoot with no hassles would just be great.

That's awesome! I think I would love to live there, except that I would be afraid of a tsunami.

Hehe....dont believe all you see and read in the media! By the time any tsunami's get down here they are just small waves!