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Barefoot And Love It!

Hi everyone.


Honestly, one of the things I love most if I have time to myself (day off or holidays) is going barefoot. I prefer the feel, look, and freedom I have when I go out without shoes or socks. I do feel it attracts attention from others, and it does take some self confidence to go out in public places. I have heard from many people that they would LOVE to live life being barefoot all the time. Frankly, I think alot of people enjoy the looks of others in barefeet - there is an nakedness, sexy, and liberating appearance to barefoot people (male and female).

What do you think?

subaru10 subaru10 36-40 4 Responses Apr 5, 2010

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Definitely takes a lot of confidence to do. The first few times I was so nervous. The experience that convinced me was losing a flip flop at a carnival and spending the whole day on roasting hot asphalt in my bare feet. After more or less getting used to the temperature (which kept going up as the day went on) it was really fun. And as far as attention...I got a lot of questions and a few compliments (usually people asking "doesn't that hurt, it's so hot?) I also received the strangest request ever... a girl from one of the food kiosks asked if she could take a picture of an egg she cracked, cooking (yes it turned white) on the pavement next to my feet (which I pretty much couldn't keep still). Now that's attention. Pretty awesome!

Well I adore feet including mine which are gorgeous. i'm sure your feet are pretty too . I look forward to my chance at sex with you & am curious what my number is or how long am i going to have to wait??

I agree going barefoot in public is great and it does take some will power. I just wish there was some businesses that openly welcomed and solicited barefoot customers. I think that would be great!

I have been going barefoot for a very long time. I even met two ex-girlfriends while we were barefoot on the street in Greenwich Village (NYC). After a while, your feet adapt to the environment and hot pavement, gravel, rough surfaces aren't a problem or discomfort. It's a matter of self-confidence and being comfortable with yourself. As far as being sexy, etc. that is a personal matter. There are those who may define this as a fetish. That is not the case for me, I'm just at ease with my comfort of going barefoot wherever I would go shod. Yes, my feet get very tough and dirty, it comes with the territory.