Barefoot At Mcdonalds

One day, I was at McDonalds with one of my co-workers (we both work at this particular one). I had sandls on which usually means that I will not wear them less I absolutly have to. We were walking outside to speak with one of our managers while she had a cigarette and as we were walking out, she commented at the fact that I had no shoes on.
I told her that there was no sign saying that I couldn't just as we were going through the door that says "No shirt, No shoes, No serivce'. Lol, I told her to ignore that and she laughed.
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4 Responses Jul 12, 2010

It depends on the particular site. I've been barefoot in many McD's with no problem and asked to leave others. It just depends on where and when you are there. At one time, not sure if it's still this way, I understood McD's sold children's socks for the in-store playground :-(

I was tempted to go in there barefoot a few times but after reading some of these blogs and messages of McDonalds not allowing barefooters, I decided not to risk it. But yet, I think McDs is being a little hypocritical when it comes to not allowing barefooters because most of them have playpins in the back for young kids and most of them take their shoes and socks off to play in there.

It is interesting that here in California Mc Donalds has put signs on their stores saying no shoes, no shirt, no service. I never saw anyone barefoot in Mc Donalds before the signs went up. I don't go there anymore. That's great because I could stand to lose a few pounds anyway. It's a win win for me!!

Sweet! I love goin barefoot and shirtless at McDonalds! Sometimes they have the signs saying shoes and shirts required but most of the time they don't care! At one Mickey D's, the clerk said "no shoes no shirts no service" when I first walked in, then started laughing and said it was fine if I was barefoot and shirtless and that they serve many barefoot and shirtless guys! Rock on...:-)