Left My Mark

I was at the local supermarket, barefoot of course, and wasn't really paying attention to things around me. Well I wound up walking right past a "caution wet floor" sign, where they had just mopped. It didn't dawn on me until it was too late. I looked back to see about 10 dirty bare foot prints on their floor. I felt really bad since they had just cleaned there. I felt nervous also because even though most people won't notice your bare feet, they are sure to notice dirty foot prints. I really hope the store doesn't start to ban bare feet after this since the employees are now aware that someone came in barefoot.

On another note... I went to the hardware store the other day. Soon as I walked in one of the lady cashiers gave me an odd look and asked "where are your shoes?" I replied "at home" and kept walking in. She just smiled at me and went about her business.
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

That happened to me once in Target. I went in right when they opened up. I was walking down their main aisle towards the women department and I noticed their floors were really sticky and slippery. I looked behind me and noticed my dark foot prints on the bright white floors. As luck would have it, the wax that was till wet now had my foot prints in them. I came in a few days later and noticed a few of my foot prints were still there to my astonishment. Apparently, the wax had dried and my foot prints were sealed into the white tiled floor.

Were your feet shiny and smooth afterward? LOL

I wouldn't worry about it. There are a lot of things going on in a store that are far more imortant than that. I think a box boy would just give it a quick mop up and be done with it. Just watch out next time.

I live in a neighborhood that is undergoing "gentrification." When we first moved into the area you could go barefoot virtually anywhere. But lately I'm starting to get dirty looks from yuppies who act like I'm bringing down the property values. The irony is that I'm old enough to be the father of some of the kids who are giving me dirty looks. The manager at a local Whole Foods once had the nerve to give me a lecture about the dangers of going barefoot. I heard him out and then answered, "You realize that I'm old enough to spank you?" He turned bright red and I've never had a problem with him since.

F-'em (yuppies). Running. I'm saying this and I actually could be considered a yuppie. I carry the Health Code front page with me, says right there, no requirement for customers shirt or shoes. I haven't pulled out the paper yet, I just deflect and ignore, but I've only been doing this a month.