My Dirty Pleasure

I love to go barefoot to the store. I enjoy dirt and grime and any thing else nasty you can get on your feet. I walk through spills and other messes. Once I tried walking on a broken glass vase at hobby lobby. No cut or scrapes! I go to Wendy's barefoot and enjoy the greece covered floor. I go to Walmart just to blacken the bottom of my feet. It's so sensational
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I completely agree with everything you've said. The only thing I'd add is that I also LOVE to go barefoot into public restrooms. Particularly when the floor is slightly wet, I end up leaving black footprints.

i would love to ee pics of your filthy feet MIss Do you like to have yur filthy bare soles licked clean> wow Walmart is the best for getting filthy black soles yummy

I would love to live someware that barfootin was O.K. It is cool to see the days gime on your feet and it lets you know that you were productive for the day and not living a dead life.

That is so hot and sexy

Awesome! :) what a girl...i always go to walmart barefoot too...dont even like shoes anymore...they feel very unnatural to me...ahh the freedom lol stay awesome like u are! terry

Years ago when barefooting was far more common I met two ex-girlfriends while we were barefoot in Greenwich Village (NYC). I remember saying to Suzy "I see we like the same style and color shoes!" because we both had very black feet. That happens when you go barefoot on city streets, subways, etc. One thing she sometimes liked to do was stand on my feet. Mine go so black and streaked on the tops after we stepped in spilled syrup in front of a soda vending machine and she stepped on my feet. It wasn't intentional, but we would occasionally compare our foot color at the end of the day and that day I won, feet down!
It is unfortunate that today you hardly see anyone barefoot in stores, on the street, etc. anymore :-(

Oh man, how do you get away with it all?

I live in a small town

I see. That makes more sense.

I love girls who make their feet filthy on purpose. I would love to lick your soles after they are all black from barefooting.

You sound like my kind of girl. Keep on barefootin!!!!