ive been a commando girl for five years now. i HATE always adjusting them, they are soooo uncomfortable, i dont see how girls can even wear the thongs! they must bite their lips a lot to handle that but i feel sorry for the guys, at least i dont have junk that makes it worse when youre sweaty and crap. the only times i wore panties where when i was taking pics for my now ex boy friend. thats the ONLY time i would unless i was sure i was wearing pants that revealed i was commando then i would wear underwear but nope, im commando. besides, im just starting to wear clothes again lol, i run around naked in my house but finally got another window unit so i wont be so hot anymore and can wear clothes again.
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2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Wear clothes again?! eewwww.....If you're comfortable without them, why bother.

There seems that many woman wander around the house naked, if it's comfortable, then why not!