I Went Shopping For A New Car Freeballing!!!!

Another regular day Freeballing for me working out at the gym in the morning.

I usually start the day with working out in my white mesh short at the gym. I like working out in the morning. You feel fresh and full of energy. Anyone works out freeballing as well? What do you guys wear?

However, another exciting event that I did today was that i went shopping for a car freeballing as well.... New car, a smell of leather, and me being freeballing, let me tell you that i was very exciting!!!!

I have made a photo documentary of the event to be remember today. If you guys are interesting to view it, please go to my blog!

jockzzz jockzzz
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Thanks for sharing your freeballing day when you bought your beautiful new yellow car. Yellow is my favorite color, and, yes, it's yellow for a reason. I love watersports. :) Continue enjoying your days with no underwear!

Thank you!