Sleepy Foot Adventures!

womens Plump feet bout size 5.5 to size 7 with high arches soft thick soles really drive me nuts. I am 33 yrs old and still can't resist a pair like this. Once my AUNTY, my moms twin whom I live with at the time, caught me. I was 8 I think. I guess I always been licking caressing and adoring feet all along but this is when I remember everything about feet! We were playing hide n go seek, my cousins that is. My aunt would graveyard hours and sleep during the day. As we were finding places to hide I ran upstairs to find a spot. I scoot under her bed on my back feet first when I notices hanging over the edge of the matress. Yup, two plump juicy feet with high arches! Oh the smell I can still smell it now. So listen for the gang downstairs I slowly move back out and move my face closer and closer those feet laying on top of each other. I put my mouth open and all tounge sticking out toward the arch of the bottom foot as she lay on her back toes pointed up. I started making out with those soft musky sweaty feet. they were wet with my syliva. I was going at it for a while as I listen out for the gang still. As I switched from foot to foot, licking and smelling and just rubbing my face on them. My heart was beating like crazy. I didn't really think bout her waking up as I was in a trans but then I noticed I had a woody. Now remember, I'm 8, what is this. It only felt natural to pull my completely erect penis. As I stood there with my pants at my feet in full anticipation of my **** making contact with those soft soles, I started to tremble. Like a penguin I inch forward her feet are covered and at penis level. I lift the covers only to my stomach as I'm now iches from my goal. I can feel the heat radiating of the bottom of her feet onto my groin area. I watch her movement and monitor her breathing as she might wake up. I inch up a little bit more and ahhhhhh! Oh yeah I'm in heaven. Im now rubbing my penis all over her feet. I'm still a rookie at this so I'm tryin to see what feels the best. Then I find a nice spot, I just put my whole groin area on those soles and arches,balls and all. This felt great then, all of the sudden, my cousins chase each other upstairs make a **** load of noise I pull up my pants and my AUNTY wakes up and sees me standing there and ask what I'm doing. I had no response and she felt her feet and how wet they were she new I was licking her feet. She told me that it was inappropriate, that I was in big trouble she would be telling my mother. That was only the begining though. I got to make love to plenty sleeping soles, all while they were unaware of it. Moms AUNTY cousins sisters niece. Let me know if you wanna hear more crazy adventures!

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Tell us about your niece

Definitely more ive had experiences just like this

IVE GOT A REAL GOOD ONE!!!!! ok so my sista's friend comes to spend the night and we all went to bed at about 4 o'clock in the mornin.that is except me,i stayed up so i could worship those feet and it was worth the wait big time! when i got to the bed she was sleeping on her back on my sisters bed i quikly crawled in the room sat on my nees and got prepared first i tapped on her big toe,nothin happined. so i licked her big toe and still no reaction. i was real excited so i started sucking on her big toe her foot tasted lightly salted. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! i was gettin pretty horny 4 feet so i took out my **** and rubbed it all over her foot. and geuss what she still didnt awake!!!!!!!! i reallized how soaked the foot was so i swiched to the other foot and did the same exact thing. it was getting late so i went to go sleep on the couch i looked at a clock and noticed i was in there 4 about 60 mins!! the next afternoon i woke up and saw her eating a bowl of cereal i also noticed she was still bare foot so i smiled a little and thats it. <br />
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THE END... ...or is it?


more please