I Was Naked But Bodypainted In Public

You can see the photos in my profile.

I had a professional make-up artist and just gave her the brief to paint me up like a cyclist. It took hours ! She wanted to try a new air-brush she'd bought but it was taking too long so she went back to brushes. It was still about four hours but as you can see from the photos, the results were impressive. After she'd finished, her group followed me by car and took lots of photos. When they'd done, I continued to cycle round to see if anyone noticed. By now, the paint was starting to wear off in the seat contact area so a few people did, especially when they were following me on the roads. The ride could have been longer if I'd heeded her advice to use conditioner as saddle lubricant, because it's water-based and doesn't dissolve the paint.
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I'd like to open my photos to all but can't see how. I keep going round in circles on the My Profile page. Please explain.

Sounds interesting. I would like to see the paint job she did. You have our options set to the EP default so nobody can see the photos you invite us to see. Please reset your EP account options to allow us to view your photos. Otherwise, the above invitation is a waste of time and electrons. Thank you.